Hey! Glad you’re here. I offer a lot of value and services. Remember, I’m a digital pioneer. But if you’re curious, read on!

Web Packages & à La Carte Services

Digital Strategy

Folks are always dismissive about strategy. Hey, let’s build an entire experience without knowing who you’re building it for, what channels to use, when and how to reach them, and what content and format to use. Trust me, if you want your business to succeed, you can’t skip this step. If you do, you’ll end up going back to the beginning and starting all over. Plus, all the designers and developers will hate you for making them guess.  Don’t worry, strategy is my speciality. And I’m here to save the day.

Content Strategy

Do you have one? If not, you need one. My strategies encompass many facets, but they do not encompass writing. That’s not content strategy. What I do is audit your content and make sure that it’s the right format, messaging, and audience, then I map it to your strategic vision. Whether you’re interested in increasing traffic, beating your competitors, getting more followers, selling more products, or getting people earlier in the funnel, I can help put a plan together which contains scoping, metrics, delivery and governance. For content strategy services, I charge $100 per hour, unless you purchase this service as part of a package.


There are many facets to SEO. I can audit your site to see what’s happening, whether you have performance issues, content issues, or keyword issues, and I can put a plan in place to fix it. Or if you want keyword analysis for PPC, I can also help with that.

Editing & Copywriting

I started my career path as a copywriter and here I am. I can help you craft compelling content, whether it’s emails, site copy, social content, blurbs for books, videos or courses, you can be assured it’ll be creative and engaging.  I charge $50 an hour for my copy services.

Social Strategy

Do you have one? You need one. While social strategies aren’t my main area of focus, I incorporate them into every content strategy and content marketing plan. I also craft editorial calendars based on search and user preferences. My rate for these services is $25 an hour.

Brand Strategy

Who are you and why are you here? You probably know the answer, but do your customers? What is the message you’re sending, the experience your providing, and the design and content that’s helping inform and entertain that experience? If you don’t know. I can help. For this service, you’ll need to tell me a bit more about your project, so I can give you a quote.

Content Marketing

Need to pull in more traffic, sell more goods, or get more followers? I can craft a funnel plan from discovery to purchase. And if you’re a fan of salesforce or other lead management tools, I can definitely help out.

UX Web Design

I’m kind of a newbie at this schtick, but not really, because my strategies have been informing design and development for decades. That said, you’re in luck that I’m a rookie, starting to build my portfolio in this arena, because that makes me semi-cheap until I do. If you’ve read my about section, you know that I’m highly trained, regardless if I’ve been doing it forever. Plus, I’m an eager beaver when it comes to this kind of work. And that’s nice when you need cool ideas and designs.

Heuristics Audit

Oh man, do I love discovering user exeperience issues. And this isn’t just website or app related. This applies to your business too. Can you handle the report when I’m done? If so, I offer this service as part of a package. My reports are based upon best practices and contains a scoring model that lets you know critical fixes versus nice-to-haves. This is one of my specialities. So definitely, look me up for some help. I base my pricing off the number of pages and how long it will take, and whether you have supporting analytics. So contact me for a quote.

Get a quote » Starts at $200

USer Research, Persona & Journey Mapping

I’ve actually been doing doing this stuff for a long while, because it’s generally part of digital strategy. These services are all about your audience. And when I’m done with the research, I prepare personas and journey maps to help inform your experience build. I charge $75 an hour for this job, because I’ve been doing it longer.

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Information Architecture

Site maps, nomenclature, categorization, tagging. Yep, it’s boring. But it’s a must. This is also something I’ve been doing along with content strategy, as the two roles kind of cancel each other out. Anywhoo, I charge by the project for this service.

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Wireframes & Prototypes

I cannot create a design without this important step. I primarily use Adobe XD and Invision for this service. And a little bit of Illustrator and Photoshop. For rough mockups, I use Balsamiq mockups. That’s what works the best for me. I offer this service as part of a website design package. So you’ll need a project quote.

Get a quote » rate $75 per hour

Workshops & Business Analysis

Here’s what usually happens: I walk into a project and the people running the show know a ton about their product, but have no idea how to sell it. I can tease this business problem out of large groups, through stakeholder interviews, brainstorming workshops, or good, old-fashioned note-taking. This takes a lot of experience. Therefore I charge $125 an hour. Sorry, but I’m worth it.

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Visual Design

I don’t do logos! Or print! Except book covers. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what I do do. (Do do ha!) I do website and mobile app design. I also do social media design. I also do teasers, flyers and emails. There you go! Now I charge a little less for my services here. $35 an hour until I build a tight portfolio. But you’ll probably want to include this service in a package. So get busy!

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Wordpress Site Development

1. It’s the most popular content management system in the world. 2. It’s responsive, flexible and adaptable. 3. It’s user-friendly. 4. There are billions of plugins, a lot of them free. 5. Searchability is huge, and WP ranks high on google. 6. There is tons of community support. 7. There’s a built-in blog. You need it. Trust. 8. You can update your site yourself when I’m done. BTW, I prefer to use the Divi theme.  However, I recommend you purchase yourown license, because they offer support, and they do. They’re the best. That’s all I use.

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