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Turner Hockey

In my downtime, I helped a local coach with his small private lesson site. It gave me the opportunity to build in a booking app plugin and use cool scroll effects.


Site Design and UX
WordPress site Development


UX Designer
Content Strategist


Originally the client wanted to use Squarespace as a platform. After doing my research, it turned out that creating the same site on his own would have cost at least $600 a year with the domain, hosting and booking package. And the drag and drop builder didn’t allow customizations at all.


I didn’t know much about hockey, and the client didn’t know anything about websites. So this took some education as well as a lot of customization to find artwork that could be used on the cheap.


I persuaded the client away from Squarespace and reminded him of the chunk of change he’d have to put down, encouraging him to use WordPress instead. That way I could easily customize a site with all the bells and whistles missing from squarespace, like parallax, animation, and scroll effects.


For this design, the most problematic issue was the clunky booking plugin and the poor documentation around it. I learned my lesson in just how long it takes to implement a third-party plugin.


After looking at similar self-made sites for lessons, it was easy to see that getting a professional to design and develop your site will end up saving you lots of dough in the long run.


The most important part of this design was that the client be able to easily update it himself. So I ended up creating end-of-engagment template with links and detailed instructions on how to update it.

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