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Orkin Pest Control

I partnered with Think Agency of Atlanta to build out a content marketing plan for  Orkin’s “Pest Control Down to a Science,” to help them capture new leads from a community of bug-lovers.



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Think Interactive
Jennifer Ready
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Using search insights, we found a whole community dedicated to the love and science of bugs.


Would people have problems associating bug science and pest control, and would the content actually generate leads?


To bring in folks from all over the internet and through social channels we came up with the idea of creating a digital magazine-like experience filled with information about the science of bugs.


After researching bugs for days, I came up with a content calendar related to topics Think had fomulated through search analysis. With the designer, I created over 25 initial content pieces, including articles, infographics, timelines, and imagery.


After launch, hundreds of search results appeared from blogging and social channels who’d referred to the articles.


The project was a resounding success. Site traffic increased as well as onsite time. The Facebook community increased followers by thousands. Check out the other results below.


What did I learn from my creepy crawly experience? Quite a lot, as it turns out.


Bugs are Cool

In my research I learned an incredible amount about insects, including the decline of honeybees and monarch butterflies.


It takes and Army of Ants

This project took a lot of work from man people, including the staff at Think, interactive. And to continue populating the content for a year after it’s release, they hired several copywriters and designers.


People still want to kill bugs

The most suprising statistic was the  huge uptick in direct leads for pest control. Even after I made bugs look awesome. *sad face.


Content Marketing Works

We were lucky to find an era where there wasn’t much content and a whole lot of interest.


Creating a project of this size takes many steps. Here are a few I took on the way.

  • Discover

    Search Analysis

    A massive amount of search analysis started the ecologist project,...
  • Define

    Content Calendar

    I used both research articles and experts to help create...
  • Design


    Part of creating content is also finding the imagery to...
  • Develop

    Content Creation

    Writing data-driven content requires a knack for incorporating the right...


I spent a solid quarter writing, researching, and creating the final content calendar. Here are a few of my assets and content matrices.


“Aimee is easy to work with, always brings smart content ideas to the table, and has solid experience to back up her recommendations. She is able to effectively direct content activities within extremely tight deadlines and well within budget. In addition to performing the role of content strategist, she also is willing to step in and write copy or brainstorm experience design solutions when it is needed.”



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