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Nutro Pet Foods

Though it’s been several years since I worked on this project, it’s one of my favorites. I went through two rounds of content strategy with them, including their first site back in 2010 and then a redesign with another agency in 2013.


Content Strategist


Content Strategy
Content Development


Think Interactive, 2010
RockFish Interactive, 2013


When Mars, Inc. bought Nutro Pet Foods, the group finally had a marketing budget to build a site. But with no existing content, we had to start from scratch. That required tons of in-person interviews.


One of our main goals was to increase customer loyalty, and become a hub for pet nutrition SEO. In addition, they wanted to become the expert on pet health across the industry to give them brand authority.


After all the work, I did on the original site, the SEO skyrocketed, so did customer loyalty. Unfortunately, the second agency I freelanced with was too focused on design, so when they changed everything to parallax, the SEO tanked.


During the second site redesign, I wondered if working with a different team in a different state would make a difference. It did. The second company did not base their experience on the usability only design, and it ended up hurting their relationship with the client.


When it comes to SEO, nothing can replace real content, text, videos and customer loyalty.


Content matters more than design. Even though the second site looked more appealing, it didn’t function well at all in terms of providing the best information for users to make sound product choices.



Site traffic increase


Site engagement


Direct Engagement


Sales Increase/ 2 years


“Aimee’s wide range of skills and experience made her one of the best content strategists I have ever worked with. She displays a keen understanding of when to push the envelope, so to speak, and when to take a more conservative approach, depending on client needs. She has a very strong understanding interactive media and frequently suggested innovative ideas, not only for content, but for user experience and design as well. Last, but certainly not least, her demeanor and attitude are a perfect fit for a fast-paced environment. She always has a smile on her face and breathes life into every project.”

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