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Life Association

This business claimed they didn’t really need a website. They only reason for having one was for regulatory reasons. They didn’t want responsive, they didn’t want to be contacted or found in search. Unfortunately, to work with me, you have to have a site that’s responsive on all devices.


Site Design and UX
WordPress site Development


UX Designer
Content Strategist


This was a website that happened during a pandemic. Part of the team came down with COVID-19 (not me), and the client didn’t seem to want to really get the work done. It was an exercise in extreme patience.


The business was run by a woman in her 70’s, so it made it very difficult to explain in detail what she was looking at. I opted to do a prototype before development, so she could understand it. (She didn’t. Oh well.)


I wanted to show the client that custom illustrations would be better than photography. I spent a lot of time tweaking the site for those illustrations. In the end, they chose free photography.


Because this project kept getting delayed by months and months, I decided to build the site and launch it with a fifth design that they hadn’t yet approved. They ran out of money and went past scope, so I just made it so they could replace images if need be.


Sometimes, after you work with a client, you realize what works best for your business in the long haul. This client was more of a learning experience, and I ended up revamping many of my processes to keep those issues from happening again.


Not all projects are awesome. After I launched the site, this client and I ended up parting ways.  Sometimes, no matter how fluid your processes are, or how great the design is, the client just doesn’t get it. That’s okay. I thought long and hard about including this site in my portfolio, but I think it’s important to showcase some difficult projects, and designing during an epidemic is right up there at a ten on the crisis meter.

The Original Design

Life Association Web Design

What they launched with

LIfe Mockup

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