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Greenies Chews

I wouldn’t normally feature such an old project, as this one was created in 2011, but this was a fun project where I focused on telling the story of Greenies chews. At the time, we used a video slideshow, but it’s been a few years and nowadays that would seem outdated. But back then, it received a lot of attention.


Content Strategist


Content Strategy
Content Development


Think Interactive, 2011


Greenies had a difficult time telling the story of their product and why it was green, we need something more than just product copy.


If we could do a small video/slideshow, the company could use it on their website and to educate their salesmen. It also answered the question, why were Greenies, so green.


We interviewed all their stakeholders and got the story first hand, then with some stellar design, done by Think Interactive, we produced the video.


We wondered if people would actually watch the slideshow? Or if they would pass by it.


When it comes to page engagement and traffic, nothing beats a cool story. This slideshow got over 200k hits in the first two weeks.


When it comes to brands, if you have a story, be sure to tell it in a compelling way. Walls of text don’t always do your product justice. Use videos or other cool ways of doing it to capture your audience.



Site traffic increase


Site engagement

Views in 2 wks

Social Shares in 6 months


“Aimee’s wide range of skills and experience made her one of the best content strategists I have ever worked with. She displays a keen understanding of when to push the envelope, so to speak, and when to take a more conservative approach, depending on client needs. She has a very strong understanding interactive media and frequently suggested innovative ideas, not only for content, but for user experience and design as well. Last, but certainly not least, her demeanor and attitude are a perfect fit for a fast-paced environment. She always has a smile on her face and breathes life into every project.”

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