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CharBroil Grills

This was a soup-to-nuts redesign that included a site audit, search, content strategy, and user experience role. I partnered with Thoughtworks Development and the business’s brand and PR agency to fully design and develop a brand new site.



Content Designer
UX writer


Site Audit
Content Strategy
User Experience
Content Marketing
Content Development


Char-Broil Digital Staff


My initial audit brought to light the many flaws with the company’s old site, including bad taxonomy, outdated imagery, poor customer service experience, and sub-par usability. I detailed my findings in an extensive report.


The biggest issue was the effort it would take to create content from scratch, including 3d product imagery, reviews, videos, and a Learn section of content that helped drive leads to the site.


Though initially I was brought on for a content strategy involving their help section, I ended up staying with the business to help develop the entire site. There wasn’t one area where  they didn’t need a complete overhaul of the experience.


It took a massive scoping effort to work out which sections to tackle first. Their development team worked agilly, so we began with the content and design that most impacted the company. A huge part of their revenue went to customer service calls, so we started by creating basic help videos first.


It’s a no brainer that after the redesign, the entire experience improved for their grillers.


After the redesign, the companies ecommerce revenue rose almost 60%, bringing the company their first year of profits in a decade.


Search & Discovery

  1. Revamping of social content strategy and blog to generate leads.
  2. Inspire user generated post-purchase reviews.


  1. Create a responsive site with mobile CSS styles.

Organization & Structure

  1. Create consist navigation
  2. Use image-based navigation for products, troubleshooting, and repair
  3. Use search terms for nomenclature
  4. Create user journey-based navigation, i.e., inspire, lead, inform, help, and maintainence

Brand & Engagement

  1. Differentiate product through voice, design, and experience
  2. Show product benefits
  3. Create a compare and contrast model experience
  4. Use up-to-date product imagery with a 360 view
  5.  Add humanity to the site

Purchase Experience

  1. Include accessories and related how-to articles on product pages
  2. Bundle similar products and colors
  3. Create a contrast comparison experience
  4. Make the product spec copy friendly and remove the technical language


  1. Create how-to videos
  2. Group questions under categories, instead of requiring users to hunt and peck through FAQ’s


  1. Create a community for users to share stories
  2. Give users a personalized experience
  3. Bringing in Grilling influencers to help foster longevity with the site and create an additional positive brand experience


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    Site Audit

    Site audit conducted, including search, mobile, competitive analysis, and shoppers...

    Content Strategy

    Content, help and marketing strategy created, using influencer outreach for...


    I created the sitemap and architecture along with sets of...

    Content Development

    Creating the content for this site was a massive effort....


Included are a few work samples to help showcase project efforts.


I created low-fidelity wireframes to help designers and developers with content priorities and placement within sections.What you see featured is the Charbroil community and a sample home page.

Products & Support

Here’s a quick glance of the home page, the product page and the support page. On the live site, they’ve since morphed multiple times. But you can see how reviews were included on products, how similar products were coupled and how related content and accessories were added to the experience, as well as how-to articles.


My learnings from this massive project.


I'm a grilling expert

Prior to taking on this effort, I knew zilch about grilling. After writing all the learn content, I could easily become a full-time BBQ master.


A great team produces great results

To date, Char-Broil is one of my favorite clients. Their fluidity and resolve to fix issues and snags along the way was a true rarity in this industry. There were no big egos in this assignment. We all worked together like a well-oiled machine. And the result shows. 


Ecommerce sites must comply with Google and Amazon's shopping experience

My user shopping journey research proved to be correct in that, people  do most of their online shopping through search and giant retailers. If your search terms and experience doesn’t match up, you can forget  building a site altogether.


Private Companies Have the Least Politics

I’ve already mentioned how pleasant my experience was with this client, but I think it’s worth a mention that  smaller, private companies don’t have the same  politics as someone of my giant corporate clients do.  I think that’s a result of removing the aspect of fear from the equation. In corporations,  job loss or promotability  is more ingrained, because  profits are considered more than people.



Increase in ecommerce revenue


Site engagement


Customer Sevice Call costs


Aimee’s ability to understand the web content challenges facing us from an “in the weeds” perspective were invaluable. We had the pleasure of working together during several projects during a larger website redesign at Char-Broil. I was particularly impressed by Aimee’s ability to routinely go beyond the surface level issues at hand, investigate and prescribe a solution that would help create efficiencies or scalability. Aimee’s knowledge, hard work and sense of humor along the way was a great addition on our project. She undoubtedly would be a great additional to any team or project.

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