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Project Overview

I worked hand-in-hand with Orcas, Inc.’s team to create this app, a self-guided health and wellness platform tailored to its user population. I rolled on the project during the beta testing phase to craft content and better the user experience. The app, which was later absorbed into another app through iterative development, CoachHub, takes user through holistic intervention pathways. For instance, if a user is suffering from hypertension, the pathway can also address related conditions, such as depression and/or obesity.


App UX
Content Strategy
Email marketing
Content Development
Wireframe Development


Content strategy


Amy Birney, director
Brad Pilsner, Designer, Developer
Orcas, Inc. Product owners


Check out some of the BlipHub app artifacts, handcrafted, by yours truly, designed by Brad Pilsner or the Orcas, Inc. team.

Mobile Experience

Here’s the mobile experience of BlipHub


Aimee is creative and efficient. Always upbeat and personable. She listens and learns, as well as she thinks and communicates. Love working with her on complex content for health and mental health mobile apps.