Nicole Archer

This author needed a fun, quirky website to showcase her romantic comedy. We built this unique site from the ground up, and added in a blog module and a maling list sign up.


Site Design and UX
WordPress site Development


UX Designer
Content Strategist


The most important aspect of this author’s website was that it be easy to maintain down the line.


I wondered if it would be possible to find enough graphics to manipulate that would allow her to update images herself. With the pop-art illustrations, there were more than enough.


I figured if I built her a library of modules that she could pick and chose from each time she updated a book or a page, she would then have a template for every new book or post.


For this design, responsive was very important. The vertical text and column sizes took a lot of manipulation to get it to display correctly on all devices, without sacrificing valuable space.


After viewing other author sites, it’s clear most are very cookie-cutter. I wanted to do something very unique to her brand.


Authors want to write books, not maintain websites. So I made updates easy, even for this unique design.


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