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Let’s Get Started!

We’ve become partners. Hooray! So now what? That’s what this guide is for? In it you’ll find everything from how and when to communicate, using which method and how to deliver your assets, content, etc. Off we go.

Tools I’ll Provide

Content Snare

For text, links, images, videos, PDF’s that are client created and not migrated, I will send you access to a program called, ContentSnare. This program helps eliminate back and forth emails and having to extract text out of programs like Word or PDF’s which add hours to billable time. It’s a web-based template that will reflect your site wireframe and design. It will contain fields and areas to upload an image with detailed instructions. You will upload all of content and images there. Please make sure it’s edited (unless I’m doing the editing), as I will not correct typos or otherwise. You will receive an email giving you all the instructions. It’s very easy to use.

Cloud Storage

For all other assets, I will create a client folder for you on Google Drive, where you will deposit all of our project assets outside of website content, such as your style guide, and presentations, your illustrator version of your logo, etc. The project folder will remain accessible to you for 60 days after the end of the project, and provided all invoices are paid, you will receive any and all artwork on that same link, which you can download for up to sixty days.

Project Management

I will send you a link to Asana, which is a web-browser based collaboration and project management tool. This is where we will communicate everything related to the project tasks. Because I’m one person, managing multiple projects and clients, I can’t track everything through email or text. Sometimes it’s difficult to break that habit, so initially you may receive a reply to an email that says, “Please document in Asana.”

What I’ll Need From You

Logos & Design Assets

I need both dark and light versions of your logo in web-friendly RGB colors, with fonts embedded, preferably in an Illustrator AI or EPS file. They should be a transparent high Res PNG if you don’t have the original file. All of your photography, original fonts, RGB color palettes and original icons should also be provided, if I’m not creating them from scratch.

Pluins & API Integrations

For plugins, themes, payments, maps, social channels, and any other API integrations, I will need download links and your passwords and credentials in advance.

Credentials & Contacts

Within your client folder, I will create a password-protected google doc for you to write the login credentials to any and all accounts that I may need access to, such as: WordPress admin, hosting providers, domain providers, payments providers, Email providers & contact addresses, API passwords, etc.

Style Guide & Legal

If you have a brand guide, specific colors, fonts, image requests or copy and voice guides, I’ll need that as well as any, legal language and privacy policies you need featured.


Open & Direct Feedback

I’m a big believer in open and direct communication. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy, so make sure you voice your opinions up front. Also, make sure your primary decision maker is available throughout the project. Relaying information through third-party contractors, vendors, or project managers or other stakeholders muddies the process and eats up billable time. If there’s anything I can do to make our project run smoother, please let me know in advance.

Deadlines & Reviews

It’s super important to stick to our agreed-upon schedule, deadlines, and reviews. That said, shit happens. Random pandemics, family emergencies, business interruptions, internet outages, whatever the case, let me know if there is a risk of missing the mark, and I’ll reschedule those delays in advance. If for whatever reason a delay is more than one week, then we’ll need to reset the schedule.

Meetings & Check-ins

I will conduct almost all of our meetings via Zoom so I can share my screen. Even if you are local, I will most likely still conduct almost all of our meetings over Zoom except for our initial kickoff. Rather than deal with technology, software, wifi logins, monitors that aren’t big enough, it’s easier and less time-consuming to set up and execute a review online. At the end of the meeting, I will not be providing notes or follow ups, so it’s up to you if you want to record the call.

Quick Recap

For Business Processes, Billing or Scheduling

Email me:

For Content Requests & Reviews

For content delivery, requests, and reviews, I’ll set up an account for you in content snare. (You’ll receive an email.)

For Project Management & Design Feedback

For all project feedback questions related to design or website, we’ll communicate in Asana. (If you haven’t received an email login, let me know).

Process & Feedback

My Method

This is my General process for projects. Understandably, we may start at different stages, and you may or may not have signed-up for different services, based on your budget. In almost all cases, I’m flexible. However, certain things need to happen in advance before I can move on to a different phase or stage.

How to give design feedback

Away We Go!

If you ever have questions, concerns or kudos, never hesitate to reach out to me.