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Author Website Design

Sleek writer websites that won’t break your budget.

Worry about your books, not your website.

You’ve got books to write and audiences to engage. You don’t have time for this website nonsense. That’s where I come in. I’ll design a slick WordPress site for you, featuring your brand in a fresh, modern way, with all the bells and whistles, using the Divi theme. If you choose the right package, I’ll even make sure you can attract new readers and come up easily in search. I know how important it is to have a home for your books, because I’m an author, too.



One-page web experience


  • RDevice Responsive
  • RSocial Media Icon Links
  • RContact form
  • Rauthor bio and photo
  • RBook listing with store links
  • R3-5 custom graphics
  • R1 hr. Training

Audience Builder

1-5 page site with the following features.


  • RDevice Responsive
  • RSocial Media links
  • RAuthor Bio Page
  • RContact form
  • RBook landing page
  • RBook detail Page with buy links
  • R5-10 custom graphics
  • R1 hr training


5-20 page site, with book landing and detail pages, blog set up, email newsletter set up, and more.


  • RDevice Responsive
  • RSite Animations
  • RSocial Media Feed Integration and links
  • RAuthor Bio Page
  • RContact form
  • RBook landing page
  • RBook detail Page with buy links
  • RBlog set up

    Blog navigation page, post template, RSS feed set up, category page, subscribe module, comments module, and GDPR privacy policy page.

  • R10-20 custom graphics
  • REmail Newsletter Sign up Integration
  • R Ad Campaign Landing Page Template
  • RGDPR privacy policy page set up
  • R2 hr training

Á La Cart Menu

Add any of these services to a package for more bang for your buck. Prices are an estimate only and do not apply to special circumstances. Fees also do not include the cost for plugins. I list recommended plugins under each item and can offer them wholesale through my agency reseller agreement.

Anti-Spam Set Up

Protect your website from spam bots that crawl: Comments, orders, widgets, registrations, bookings, forms, contact emails, subscriptions and fake users.

I recommend Clean Talk, which runs $10 a year.

Estimated fee >> $50

Google Search Console & Analytics Setup

Google Search Console set up is not optional. It’s the only way you can be found in search and setup analytics. Verifying your site also allows your business to be found in knowledge graph, local search and allows you to sign up for ad sense and PPC campaigns. It can be a pain to set up, but I can do it for you.

Estimated fee >> $100

Landing Page Template for Ad campaigns

I can create a landing page template design for ad campaigns that you can clone and A/B test.

Estimated fee >> $200

Social Media embed or sharing integration

Integrating your YouTube playlist, instagram or twitter feed, as well as a media or article sharing function requires special functionality. Sometimes, it’s an easy code embed, sometimes it requires a special plugin. We’ll need to have a consultation on which plugin will suit your needs before I offer advice on which plugin to choose and how much it will cost.

Estimated fee >> $100

Digital Downloads Setup

If you offer or sell digital downloads on your site, I can help set up Easy Digital Downloads, which is THEE best service for this. I can also help set up offloaded storage to store those files. See that service below. Easy Digital Downloads is not cheap and ranges from $99 a year to $199 a year depending on if you want a payment gateway set up.

Estimated fee >> $200

Membership or Subscription Setup

If you offer memberships or subscription content, I can integrate Memberpress on your site and build and authenticated login page for users as well as integrate your payment gateway. Memberpress runs $149 to 300 a year.

Estimated fee >> $200

Offloaded Storage or CDN Setup

If you host lots of images or downloadable content, you need to set up a storage solution that ties into your host. Setting up either a CDN or Amazon cloud storage is a very complex and un-userfriendly process. I can help manage that for you.

Estimated fee >> $200

Podcast hosting integration

I can recommend a podcast host and help you embed your feed. My preferred host is Castos.

Estimated fee >> $200

Security Setup
Securing your site can’t be an afterthought, especially if you sell protects or gather user information. I can install plugins to help montior and protect your site and fix it if it’s hacked. I recommend Sucuri, Wordfence, and Cerber, which all have different cost models ranging from free to premium.

Estimated fee >> $100

Learning Management System (LMS) integration

If you teach or sell courses and need to integrate a learning system, I can help integrate that on your site. I prefer Learndash as they excel in the market. Check out their current pricing.

Estimated fee >> $200

Site Audit

Before embark on a new design, you may need to see what wasn’t working on your old site. I can audit search, experience, accessibility, content, and more. Depending on your needs, I can do a report for $100 or more.

Estimated fee >> $100


I’m a copywriter with over 25 years of experience in content and strategy. If you need site copy, then book a quote session with me and I can provide a more detailed estimate.

Estimated fee >> $50/per hour


Do you have a problem with your current site or don’t know what you need? Or perhaps you need staff training or otherwise. I charge a fee of $50 per hour for any of those services.

Estimated fee >> $50

Performance & Caching setup

Speed and performance is key to having your site peform well in search. I can integrate a plugin to optimize your site. I recommend WP Rocket which costs $50 a year.

Estimated Fee >> $100

Old Site Migration

Depending how and where your site is hosted and how much content you have, I can do the dirty work of migrating it to your new site. In some cases, it’s an easy file transfer solution. In others, it requires copy, pasting and downloading. The fee range reflects that.

Estimated Fee >> $200-$1000

Style Guide & Brand Book

If you don’t have a brand or a look and a feel or a content playbook, I can help build one for future contributers and admins to follow.

Estimated Fee >> $200

GDPR Privacy Policy & Terms Page Setup

Depending on whether you have an existing policy or terms, I can implement GDPR for your site. There are dozens of services that provide and monitor your site. I recommend Ubenda, which depending on which cookies and information you collect, and cost anywhere from $100 to $500 a year. There are cheaper solutions as well.

Estimated Fee >> $100-$500

Events & Ticketing Setup

If you have special events and or need to offer tickets to those events, I can set up an ordering and payment system with the help of a plugin. Depending on your needs, I’ll recommend the best plugin which will cost extra.

Estimated Fee >> $200

Appointment Booking Setup

If you book appointments, sessions, tours, or lessons, I can integrate a plugin that will sync with your calendar and send reminders. I recommend Amelia, which costs $59 dollars.

Estimated Fee >> $250

Ecommerce Setup

If you need a Woo Commerce store, I can help set it up. It’s a very complex process that requires a special estimate. Please contact me for a quote.

Requires custom quote

Dontation Acceptance Setup

If you run a non-profit or accept other charitable donations, you need a plugin like Give that can handle the reporting, payments and database setup. I can help integrate Give for a fee. Their plugin in runs $199 annually and has all sorts of bells and whistles, like social sharing .

Estimated Fee >> $250

Newsletter & Mailing List Set Up

Building an email list is incredibly important these days. I can help you integrate your chosen provider and build a template that reflects your brand. I recommend Mailer Lite.

Estimated Fee >> $250

AdSense Setup

If you want to host ads on yoru site from Google Adsense, I can help integrate the funcationality and build pages with templates for their ad sizes.

Estimated Fee >> $200

Lead Gen Form & SMTP Set Up

All my sites have fresh, modern designs and are responsive, SEO-friendly, high performing, engaging, and interactive. I use the Divi theme, because it’s the best visual builder out there and has the best support.

Estimated Fee >> $250

SEO Optimization

To get found in search, Google relies on 100’s of signals. I can audit your site and tick off critical fixes one by one. Book time with me and I can give you a more detailed estimate.

Estimated Fee >> $50/hour

Personas & Journey Mapping

If you don’t know who your audience is or how they might navigate your site, then you need to build a profile and map their journey so that you can plan accordingly. Through stakeholder workshops, user research, surveys, and testing, I can build those profiles so you can target them effectively.

Estimated Fee >> $75/hour

Hosting & Domain Package

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with hosting and domain purchase and renewal. For $300 a year  I offer super fast reseller hosting and domain renewal, with automated backups, domain email setups, security monitoring and restoration, SSL certificate renewals, and support. This works out to be $25 a month or slightly cheaper than bundling and maintaining all these services yourself. And bonus, I take care of the security and caching for you.

Monthly Maintenance Packages


$25 per month

  • RPlugin & Theme Updates
  • RWordpress Core Updates
  • RMinor content uploads
  • R1 hr of support


$50 Per Month

  • RPlugin & theme updates
  • RWorpress Core Updates
  • R2 hours of content uploads
  • RContent Publishing
  • RCampaign Publishing
  • R2 hrs of support


$100 per month

  • RPlugin & theme updates
  • RWorpress Core Updates
  • R2 hours of content uploads
  • RContent Publishing
  • RCampaign Publishing
  • R2 hrs Design & Development
  • R2 custom graphics
  • R1 hr of copywriting
  • R2 hrs of support

Generate a Tailored Estimate

Just pick a website package or add a la cart items from the service listing and have your quote emailed for free.