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25+ years of crafting interactive experiences.

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Hi! I’m Aimee Agee

I started on my content journey right as the internet came into being. Throughout my career, I’ve consulted with and managed large-scale teams and projects for top global digtial agencies and big brands, across all sorts of industries and verticals, working with them to build their content practices and create engaging experiences for their audience.



Past Projects & Clients

My Purpose


My logo is based on the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which theorizes that to be happiest in life, we should do what we’re good at, what we love, what the world needs, and what we can be paid for.  I love to read, I love to write, and I love to help people. So it’s only natural that I would gravitate toward digital channels that allow me to do all three.

This purpose makes me picky about who I work for and the kinds of projects I take on. But when I accept a position, you better believe I’ll put my all into it. I will do everything to make a product successful, as long as it’s rewarding, positive for the planet, humanity, and myself, and I can make a comfortable living that supports my tiny family.


Left BrainRight Brain

  • Systems Design 100% 100%
  • Processes 80% 80%
  • User Research 75% 75%
  • User Experience Strategy 100% 100%
  • Content Development 100% 100%
  • Visual Design 80% 80%

Education & Certifications



  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Advertising, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Technology BluePrint, SkillCrush


  • Amazon Ads & Kindle SEO
  • Facebook Ads Master Class 2020
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Machine learning A-Z
  • Margie Lawson’s Writer’s retreat
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Moz SEO 2020
  • Google AdWords
  • UX Strategy Fundamentals
  • YouTube content creators MasterClass
  • Google Analytics Intermediate
  • Hubspot Content Marketing & Strategy


  • Figma design systems
  • Adobe Graphic Design Master Class
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe responsive web
  • App Brewery App Design
  • Graphic Design Mastery
  • Information Architecture
  • The Ultimate Usability Course
  • UI/UX Design with Adobe XD
  • User Experience Design Essentials
  • UX & Web Design Master Class


  • Google’s responsive web
  • HTML 5 and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress

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