Content Strategy

Got the feeling no one cares about your site content? I can find out why and then recommend a simple, effective approach to help you get leads, keep users engaged, and generate more business. I start with audits and inventories and end with measurement and maintenance. 

Digital Marketing

Whether you need to increase traffic or stop shopping cart abandonment, I work with you to find the best solution to your digital problem. I can work independently or as part of a team, whichever you prefer. 



Content Development & Copywriting

Gone are the days where sites generate as much useless content as possible. I create interesting, captivating approaches to draw in users and keep them engaged. I write everything from retail, to B2B, to medical, and educational content—all with search in mind.

Inbound Outbound Content Marketing

Emails, social, blog content, influencer marketing, lead generation—this is all part of my standard digital strategy. I create and manage this content from the ground up, using the latest tools and trends.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not just about a bunch of keywords. It’s about the content. Is it interesting, shareable, simple and easy-to-find? If not, I can craft quality content that your users actually want, which means they’ll be searching for it in Google. I can also analyze your site or mobile experience for problems and prepare a detailed report.



Social Media

I create interactive, social media plans that engage users and make your media shareable. Videos, imagery, interesting posts, contests—I create it all and integrate it into your marketing plan using the latest trends and technology.

User Experience

All my content and strategies are based on best practices in user experience. I’m constantly researching and learning new technology to stay abreast of trends.


What is your company’s message? I’ll find out. I not only research the best messaging, I help craft it. If you need creative direction, research, analysis or basic branding, I can help. 

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