Tooting Twist’s Horn

Jason Tye
Principal, DoubleJump Interactive
I have been fortunate to work with Aimee on multiple occasions, as project teammates and as a business owner. Aimee goes above and beyond. Always conscious of the needs of the client while at the same time applying best practices and experienced judgement, delivering quality work. I can recommend Aimee without hesitation. Were I building a team, she would be at the top of my list.

Amy Birney, MPH, MCHES
Behavioral Scientist at ORCAS Healthcare Technology
Aimee is creative and efficient. Always upbeat and personable. She listens and learns, as well as she thinks and communicates. Love working with her on complex content for health and mental health mobile apps.less

Shannon Delaney
VP Digital & Consumer Marketing at Kids II
Aimee is a perfectly well rounded strategy machine! She seeks to understand the highest order business objectives so that the strategies she develops are sound and drive results. Her user-centered focus allows her to insure the experiences she creates are spot in for the consumer target. She is an incredibly efficient worker who brings depth to any project. Aimee is able to work alone or provide strong leadership to project teams. We have worked together for over two years now, and she is always a first consideration when putting together a team.

Erik Fields
Group Director of User Experience Architecture at Critical Mass
Aimee’s wide range of skills and experience made her one of the best content strategists I have ever worked with. She displays a keen understanding of when to push the envelope, so to speak, and when to take a more conservative approach, depending on client needs. She has a very strong understanding interactive media and frequently suggested innovative ideas, not only for content, but for user experience and design as well. Last, but certainly not least, her demeanor and attitude are a perfect fit for a fast-paced environment. She always has a smile on her face and breathes life into every project.

Lauren Sullivan Shankman
Senior Media Specialist at Trevelino/Keller Communications Group
Aimee used her super-sharp organizational skills to keep all the ad buys for print/online/radio on track and on-budget (very important anywhere, and particularly in a non-profit) for Museum programs, exhibits and more. Always looking for the value-add, she worked closely with media outlets to develop partnerships that could help the organization meet their goal of driving attendance and awareness. She is a true self starter and works well independently, or as part of a team.

Donna Van House
Creative Director, Alpha Comm Enterprises, Inc.
Aimee’s creativity and energy as a writer at Virtual Magic made her a joy to work with.

Matthew Weiss
e-Commerce Manager, Charbroil
Aimee’s ability to understand the web content challenges facing us from an “in the weeds” perspective were invaluable. We had the pleasure of working together during several projects during a larger website redesign at Char-Broil. I was particularly impressed by Aimee’s ability to routinely go beyond the surface level issues at hand, investigate and prescribe a solution that would help create efficiencies or scalability. Aimee’s knowledge, hard work and sense of humor along the way was a great addition on our project. She undoubtedly would be a great additional to any team or project.

Teri Durkin
Director of Experience, Spring Studios
Aimee is easy to work with, always brings smart content ideas to the table, and has solid experience to back up her recommendations. She is able to effectively direct content activities within extremely tight deadlines and well within budget. In addition to performing the role of content strategist, she also is willing to step in and write copy or brainstorm experience design solutions when it is needed.

Deborah Drake
Director of UX at RealPage, Inc.
Aimee brought new ideas and innovation to Real Page when no one wanted to listen. Her foresight and energetic approach thwarted complications and helped us build a better interactive experience. We were fortunate to have her.

Jill Cobb
Digital Marketing Manager, SunTrust
Aimee’s experience as a content strategist brought clarity to a large, fast-paced project. The project had numerous stakeholders with varying needs and she was able to work with all of the groups to meet their individual needs. Aimee was able to apply her knowledge and experience to provide direction and keep the project moving along to a tight deadline.

Christy Mayr
Global Capabilities and Advertising Manager, Microsoft
Aimee is an excellent senior content strategist who without a doubt is on top of her game. She came on board mid way through the project and was able to quickly dive in, interpret the content and come up with a strategy. Her keen ability to decipher the content and make solid recommendations not only caught my attention, but the clients as well. Aimee was respected by the client and was a wonderful contributor to the team. She was always willing to go the extra mile and with a positive attitude! I enjoyed working with Aimee and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Teresa Benner
Manager, Content Strategy at SapientNitro
Aimee is a very thorough and thoughtful thinker who brought a fresh perspective to an account that had gotten stuck in a rut. If you need a brilliant taxonomy, she’s your girl!

Rachel Peters
UX Lead at Launch Interactive, LLC
I’ve worked with Aimee on projects at several companies, and I would work with her again any time. She’s organized, smart, and confident. She makes my work better, because she offers new perspectives and different ways of thinking about design problems, content, and more. She’s been doing content strategy long enough that she knows what to do, how to do it, when, and why. She’s an expert and makes your life (and projects) easier.

Kristin Lené Colier
Digital Experience Planner at AT&T
I worked as the UX Analyst with Aimee on a large and complex project for redesigning the Home Services landing pages. This involved quite a large initial content audit and content strategy to move this project in the right direction with the many stakeholders involved.

Aimee brought a very clear process and professional deliverables to each aspect of the content strategy. From the initial audit, through stakeholder interviews, to asset gathering and content creation, matrix and review process. She also left us with a process, tools and artifacts to use with other projects moving forward.

I believe that all organizations with online (and offline) content need a comprehensive content strategy to be found and be relevant in today’s endless sea of information. Aimee has the experience and the mindset to help any organization achieve this goal.

Anja Huebler
Executive Creative Director, Razorfish
Aimee did a great job jumping into an ongoing project. In no time she was up to speed and in full control of the project and the client. It was a pleasure working with Aimee. She’s take-charge, proactive, and has overall a great attitude.

Janice Maxwell
Interim Director IIT Operations at Georgia State University
Aimee was a pleasure to work with on an extremely hectic and fast-paced project. She worked tirelessly on content and imagery and pulled many all-nighters to make sure her deliverables were perfect. Without Aimee’s hard work, attention to detail, and extreme professionalism, the client’s expectations would not have been met and the site would not have launched on-time. I would welcome an opportunity to work with Aimee on any project in the future.

Peter Zellner
Customer Experience Strategist at Travelport
Aimee is a strong copywriter who does an exceptional job of tackling the unique challenges that revolve around content strategy and copywriting for the web. She is willing to step out of her role and take on additional responsibilities in order to help her team succeed. I was impressed by Aimee’s commitment to her work as well the patience and humor which she brought to the workplace.