Twisting Strategy for Twenty Years

I’m a strategy pioneer. I was doing this before there was even a word for it. Even though I have over 15 years of experience in this field, I’m a lifetime student. It’s a must in this business. And I’m learning more every day, because I’m passionate about my career. Some spend hours on the podium preaching, but they’ve never actually executed the ideas. I have—from start to finish. Agencies, big brands, start-ups, mom and pop shops—you name it, I’ve worked with them. My vast experience has ripened me to grow businesses and teams and cultivate enthusiasm on the way to doing it. How do I do it? By bridging the gap and easing communication and collaboration between stakeholders, creative, and developers. Part of that comes from a flexible, solution-oriented approach to “gettin’ it done.” Whether it’s auditing, analyzing and measuring, planning, perfecting great user-experiences, creating award-winning content, leading teams, planning social media and paid advertising, or optimizing SEO, I use best practices, cutting-edge research, and innovation to keep your customers and clients not just engaged, but gobsmacked, and coming back for more.


Who is Twist?

Aimee Agee is the owner and primary consultant at Twist. She has over fifteen-years of experience leading businesses, agencies, and teams through all stages of interactive and mobile strategy, from analysis to delivery.

Why Twist?

Content is the reason for everything in business now. And I don’t just create content—I make it engaging, searchable, relevant and well-designed for the user. Plus, I integrate it with other digital and social channels so it can be consumed anywhere and from any device.

What is Twist?

I can be your agency or your consultant. As an agency, I gather a small team of experts who have specialized knowledge in their fields, such as programming, art direction, and video production. And as a consultant, I can contract with your business or agency on long- or short-term projects.

How I make digital twist

I discover what makes your business and users tick first and then offer an in-depth audit as the foundation for a holistic strategy that encompasses everything from discovery to maintenance. On top of that, I stay on the cutting edge of technology and trends in the marketplace so you don’t have to.

"Strategy is the bridge from business to profit."

Skill Set

  • Digital Strategy 100% 100%
  • Content Strategy 100% 100%
  • Copywriting & Content Development 100% 100%
  • Content Management 100% 100%
  • Creative Direction & Branding 80% 80%
  • Inbound & Outbound Content Marketing 80% 80%
  • Influencer Marketing & Blog Outreach 75% 75%
  • User Experience Design 75% 75%
  • Team Leadership 75% 75%
  • Search Engine Optimization 70% 70%
  • Organization & Project Management 75% 75%
  • Social Media Marketing 50% 50%
  • Analytics, Auditing & Reporting 50% 50%