Navigating the Twists and Turns of Content Strategy for Decades

Who is Twist?
Aimee Agee is the owner and primary consultant at Twist. She has over fifteen-years of experience leading businesses, agencies, and teams through all stages of interactive and mobile strategy, from analysis to delivery.

What is Twist?
We can be your agency or your consultant. As an agency, Twist gathers a small team of experts who have specialized knowledge in their fields, like programming, art direction, and video production. As consultants, we take on long-term projects with agencies or businesses as our clients.

Why Twist?
Content is the reason for everything in business now. Google knows it and Twist has always known it. We don’t just create content—we make it engaging, searchable, relevant and well-designed for the user. Plus, we integrate it with other digital and social channels, so it can be consumed anywhere and from any device.

How We Twist
We discover what makes your business and users tick first and then we offer an in-depth audit as the foundation for our holistic strategy that encompasses everything from marketing to maintenance.

What Makes Us Twist
We know a lot about a lot. If we didn’t we couldn’t do our job. We have strong skills in marketing, analytics, user-experience, copywriting, development, social media, SEO, design, and project management. Whew! On top of that, we’re on the cutting edge of trends in the marketplace. Some spend hours on the podium preaching about content marketing and strategy, but they’ve never actually done it. We have.

Aimee Agee, owner of Twist Idea Lab, is a veteran content strategist with over 20-years of experience.